For Marketers, Augmented Reality is THE Reality

Ready or not, if you are in marketing, augmented reality is now a player in your game. In the last couple of months, it seems like articles on AR in advertising are everywhere. AdWeek’s Facebook and Apple Are About to Take AR Mainstream. Here’s How Marketers Are Gearing Up stresses the importance of getting into AR now […] See More

September 2, 2017

“Impossible is Nothing” is Really Something

Like a lot of people, I’ve spent much of 2016 grieving heroes. Last week we lost Muhammad Ali, and everywhere you look are tributes, stories, and lists of Ali quotes. My father shook hands with Ali at a hotel in London; he became a lifetime fan, and so did I. Dad and I went to […] See More

June 8, 2016


Do you feel the need to “break out of the box?” Are you seeking more creative inspiration at work? Take Richard Branson’s advice and lose the tie. This blog post, originally published by Richard Branson on LinkedIn, appeared in my inbox recently and I wanted to share it with you here. Enjoy, and feel free […] See More

June 17, 2015

Can Tim Cook Fill Steve Jobs Shoes?

It takes more than chutzpah to follow the toughest act in business history. But Tim Cook may do Steve Jobs’ visionary leadership one better. The following is from “A Good Cook”, The Economist on August 25, 2012.   Talk about a hard act to follow. When Tim Cook replaced an ailing Steve Jobs as Apple’s chief […] See More

September 5, 2012