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Executive coaching to help you focus on the things you do best to get the results you really want.

Hit your next level of success with greater ease and joy.

Is Scaling-Up Burning You Out?

Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve built a successful business. But running that business has created an entirely new set of problems:

Misaligned Leadership

is creating organizational problems that impede growth

Low-level distractions

steal time away from important priorities and decisions

Team Conflicts

are keeping you from achieving important goals

Soul sucking to-dos

undermine your true value and talents

Plateaued sales

create stagnation and frustrate you and your team

Lost passion and joy

makes you feel isolated in a role you’ve outgrown

When everyday feels like “Groundhog’s Day” it’s time for an entirely new approach

man looking at open laptop, seated at table

DoubleDare gives you a new approach that helps you revitalize your business to become an effective and scalable enterprise that allows you to thrive in work…and in life.

We offer a clear and simple process to:

  • Get an objective perspective
  • Clawback your time to refocus
  • Create proper systems to scale
  • Take back control

Transform  your business & build the life you really want.

Because it’s lonely at the top…Work with a successful entrepreneur and coach who understands your experience.

We offer a clear and simple process to:

  • Benefit from Scott’s 30+ years of experience running his own companies
  • Learn from an entrepreneur and coach who’s launched 9 companies
  • Gain deep insights from Scott’s experience as a licensed mental health therapist

Get the Formula to Achieve More By Doing Less

Reframe your approach and optimize your business to enjoy the work you do

Book a Discovery Call

Meet with Scott to get crystal clear about what you want for your business and personal success.


Create a Customized Plan

Identify key performance indicators and develop a strategy to scale your business in a sustainable way.

Reach a New Level of Success

Take back control of your time and get the clarity you need to cultivate a thriving business and meaningful career.

Embrace a better approach to run your business better.

Featured Clients


Our revenue has doubled, and Scott's played a very integral role in our success and getting our leaders, myself included, on the same page.”

 John Maaske, Co-Founder & CEO,

“I think Scott has the ability to see things in people that they may not be able to see themselves.”

Christian Christensen, Co-Founder,

“We’ve nearly tripled in revenue and tripled our bottom line since I met Scott.”

Channing Johnson, President, KB Building Services.

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