Personal and Professional Success,
for Business Owners and Their Teams

Scott Anderson delivers 30 years of real-world
experience as a serial entrepreneur, executive
coach, and licensed mental health therapist.

Entrepreneur Coaching & Consulting Benefits

Scale Your Business

Optimize Your Performance

Refine Your Leadership

Plan Your Succession

Experience Freedom


Businesses Scaled


Avg. Clarity & Confidence Increase

Executives "Unstuck"

Featured Clients


Our revenue has doubled, and Scott's played a very integral role in our success and getting our leaders, myself included, on the same page.”

 John Maaske, Co-Founder & CEO, TriageStaffing.com

“I think Scott has the ability to see things in people that they may not be able to see themselves.”

Christian Christensen, Co-Founder, BluestoneDev.com

“We’ve nearly tripled in revenue and tripled our bottom line since I met Scott.”

Channing Johnson, President, KB Building Services.

Real Solutions for Real World Problems


Life at the top can be deeply rewarding. And profoundly challenging.

It feels lonely at work, but just as lonely at home.


Burnout is real.


But as lonely as it may feel, you are not alone.

Relationships improve – at work and at home.

Performance and enjoyment at work significantly improves especially with your leadership team, partners, staff and investors.

Relationships at home are revived and begin to flourish.

Connections with other people grow and expand.

Doubledare delivers proven solutions, that offer you as much success emotionally as you aspire to professionally.

Together we can claw back time to do the things you really value and to recover peace of mind and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Latest news + blog from Scott

Goal “Shedding”

The biggest opportunity you have in 2021 is not more goal setting -- but goal "shedding" and focusing on a short list of higher-impact, more fulfilling tasks only you can perform -- and shedding everything else. You can't throw a switch and get there overnight. That's...

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