Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants (on Fire) Down

This post covers the fourth of six leadership mistakes and how to fix them. In the past few weeks, we’ve covered excuse-making, bad manners, and ego problems; now it’s time to talk about lying. When people are found out as liars, the word spreads like wildfire. This can literally destroy your career. All you have […] See More

April 12, 2017

Are Bad Manners Sabotaging Your Leadership?

This is the third post on “What Not To Do And How Not To Do It” about six of the biggest leadership mistakes and how to stop making them. Today’s topic is Bad Manners. This may seem a little Pollyannaish, but it’s amazing what an important role manners play in good leadership. Bad manners include talking too much, […] See More

March 29, 2017

Forget About “Yes.” Focus on “What?”

I’ll give Sam Ovens all the credit for this one. Sam is a is an entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand, and I’m taking a sales and marketing course from him; it’s not only dynamite, it is also a 2 X 4-whacked-against-my-forehead reminder that it seems I need fairly often. Maybe you do, too. (I won’t […] See More

July 13, 2016


In my ongoing series of blogs about the importance of having trust as a cornerstone of your organization, I’ve talked about how to encourage workers to trust each other, how to encourage them to trust you, and how to build trust with workers who are not physically present. Today I want to talk about something […] See More

November 18, 2015

Rebirth, One Day at a Time

It’s springtime. Easter is nearly upon us, the leaves and flowers are starting to bloom again, and the idea of rebirth is on my mind. Rebirth may seem like a dramatic, mystical experience that only happens in fairy tales, but I would argue that it’s a constantly occurring process we can encourage or stunt with […] See More

April 1, 2015