It’s springtime. Easter is nearly upon us, the leaves and flowers are starting to bloom again, and the idea of rebirth is on my mind. Rebirth may seem like a dramatic, mystical experience that only happens in fairy tales, but I would argue that it’s a constantly occurring process we can encourage or stunt with our thoughts and actions.

The Buddhist concept of reincarnation or rebirth is linked to karmic activities. You’re probably familiar with this idea. You do good, good comes back to you. You act vindictively and you will have great difficulty. With the newly blooming season in mind, let’s think about the ways that you can undergo a positive rebirth right here in this life.

Most of us spend the majority of our time tending to our professional work. Whether it’s early mornings in the office or late nights poring over work problems at home, work takes up a lot of headspace and it can be easy to get stuck in a rut without noticing.

Do you feel the same verve at work that you felt 6 months ago? A year ago? If not, is there a specific reason why? There are different ways to experience a rebirth at work. How long has it been since you took a vacation? A few days off may be just what you need to come back with a refreshed state of mind. Alternatively, maybe your entire career has turned stagnant and you’ve known it for some time now. If this sounds like you, it may be time to experience rebirth by changing careers, and potentially industries entirely.

Spring is a great time for a social rebirth as well. If you spent too much of winter cooped up, it’s time to get out, get some sun, and be among the people. Go to an outdoor event with a friend or loved one and feel the energy of the crowd. Connect with a friend who you haven’t seen in six months or more. How does it feel to see them? What was the reason for the prolonged distance?

Perhaps the most important and desirable rebirth is a spiritual rebirth. We typically don’t need a spiritual rebirth as often as we need a vacation or a night out with friends, but much like our situations at work, we need to be aware of our relationship to our higher power and ourselves. This is not about “what” you call that experience or relationship but how generative it is of other positive forces in your life.

If you’ve had a spiritual practice or relationship but it has lapsed, why? Did it not provide what you needed? Where, if anywhere, do you find that now? We’re not all destined to be “holy people,” but at least some semblance of inner peace is the bedrock for a fulfilling life. Whether it’s on your own or as part of a group of likeminded people, seek out that relationship that helps you find a sense of inner peace.

So, what kind of rebirth do you need? Take some time today to reflect on the season and how you can give yourself some much-needed change in one of these key areas. I want to encourage you to continue to think about rebirth as an ongoing process rather than a sudden, magical event. We can be reborn by our own thoughts, decisions, and actions, day by day. We just have to decide who we want to be.

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