I come bearing bad news for the mega-brands and established industry giants out there: Jacob Morgan, one of the foremost thinkers on the Future of Work, and founder of the FOW community, recently published a blog post detailing why he believes smaller companies will become a more dominant force as the future of work continues to evolve.

Here’s his post and the accompanying video blog:

What does the future of work hold for smaller companies? I think the future of work favors smaller companies, and they are going to bring some amazing disruption into the workplace.

A few years ago large companies had all the resources–technology, funds, access to top talent–allowing them to do things that smaller companies could not. However, today small companies have access to the same technology and software tools as large companies, and can tap into the same talent because of the freelance market.

Smaller companies also have a lot of additional benefits such as being faster, more nimble, they can be virtual and more distributed, and are not bogged down with bureaucracy. And, the impact is in any and every industry. Without a doubt, smaller companies still have many challenges to face. But, it is amazing to see the new world of work that we are living in.

Listen in to this episode of the Future In 5 where I share more about why this is happening and what the landscape looks like. Curious to hear what you think to don’t forget to leave your comments below!

photo credit: IMG_1204 via photopin (license)