When it comes to creating a great company culture in a startup, you can’t expect the stars to simply align because you have a specific and fleshed out vision. You have a (probably small) number of people who you need to share your vision and be equally committed to seeing it realized and acted out every day.

So how can you go from idea to an active and engaged culture that all of your employees will be eager to share in? To an extent it depends on how internally connected your employees feel to your vision, but beyond that, here are a few ways you can solidify your company culture from within.


Your intentions should be solidified in your head by the time you have people in the office every day. Make a point to practice the kinds of behaviors you expect from your team. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, treat yourself publicly to show it’s ok to do so. If you expect a team full of people who will grind extra hours, display that work ethic yourself every day.


Let each member of your team know, individually and as a group, that their views are not only appreciated, but required. If your vision is going to become reality it must be understood and agreeably interpreted by each individual member of your team. A single individual’s failure to do so detracts considerably from the cohesive strength of the whole. Take opportunities often to have frank conversations in one on one and group situations to ensure communication remains open. 


Hopefully you recognize that there can be no division between who you are at work and who you are at home. Each of your interpersonal relations depends upon your ability to faithfully translate your morals into action in all the moments of your life. Be true to your vision at home, at work, and everywhere in between and your team will be able to see more easily where you’re coming from, and you’ll have a more comfortable, natural experience in helping them to understand.

Ultimately, creating a culture is about building good business and interpersonal habits that match up with your values as a founder. Have you had success in creating a positive culture from scratch in the past? Or, are you struggling to solidify your vision now? Email me at scott@doubledareyou.us or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @DoubledareCoach.

photo credit: via photopin (license)