I’ll just say it—I’m a sucker for reinvention stories. I love to see emails like the one I received yesterday from my friend Kris Kluver.

This guy is your classic entrepreneur and really embodies the spirit of adventure. He started the first of 14 companies when he was only 19. If you know him only a little you know that he loves to travel the world—he has been on all seven continents and met his wife on a freighter in Patagonia. He even spent time in a Buddhist monastery outside of Katmandu. Kris never stops growing, and he never stops taking risks.

Kris sold one business early this summer and is currently helping businesses implement a new system for achieving success in the workplace. Spend 15 minutes with him and you’ll want to ask what vitamins he takes.

Next up: a joint venture. Kris’s wife Reka grew up in England and had a career in business before getting her Master’s degree in Counseling. This power couple will be combining their impressive talents and writing a book together.

In the last year, he’s had a new hip and a new knee installed, yet this week, Kris and Reka took 96,000 steps (about 35 miles) while hiking in the mountains of Colorado. “I am ready to call this a completely new chapter,” he said in his e-mail.

Maybe you can’t see yourself climbing mountains or chilling in a monastery, but many people harbor a secret wish that they think isn’t possible/practical/acceptable. And maybe you’re right–but maybe you’re wrong. Have you said it out loud?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done things that you (or others) doubted was possible, or send me an email at Scott@doubledareyou.us if you need somebody to say it out loud to. Maybe it’s not as impossible as you think.