Want to add 30 minutes of super productive time to your daily schedule? Try this:

  1. Log-off email for the next 15 minutes.
  1. Did you know that it’s possible to log off email?
  1. You may feel anxious at first. It will pass (eventually, I promise).
  1. No one is going to die. Breathe. You can always log back on if you start to hyper-ventilate.
  1. Select the most important task you have procrastinated the longest: the phone call you don’t want to make, the writing you have to do, the face-to-face conversation you dread, etc.
  1. Do it.
  1. Notice how much easier this task was to complete without the distraction of email?
  1. Breathe!
  1. If part of your 15 minutes is left over, try another task.
  1. How did it go?
  1. Quick! Log back into email before anyone notices!
  1. Try another fifteen minutes later today.

Please email me to share your experience, strength and hope—or if if you need to be talked off a ledge. Scott@Doubledareyou.us.

This works! It really does.

P.S. If you are as impressed as most people who try this, go ahead, lose your mind: try another 15 minutes!

photo credit: mac image via photopin (license)