“I always thought someone who needed a coach was struggling with their life. I sat down and talked with Scott and talked about where I was at with my business and some of the ideas I’d had. He really broke them wide open. I think
I always had those possibilities in mind. What Scott allowed me to do was put processes in place to act on them.”

Mark Hasebrock


“Trainers all have the same tools, but he knows which ones to use at which time. I’ve worked on tearing down walls and healing wounds. It’s been my experience and Scott was along for the ride.

I go through my life as a leader where people are afraid of telling me that I’m wrong. Scott would ask me the right questions. Are you seeing that right? Sometimes I wasn’t right. When I was focused on being right all the time
– man, my workload changed.”

DJ Rezak


“I like that Scott looks at a person as a whole being, not just how they fit into their work world.

I started working with Scott on my own. We ended up bringing in others from within the organization including the two owners. It felt like every single person that engaged in that process had a lot of respect for Scott immediately.

He is authentic and transparent and also has a lot of life experiences that make him relatable. You feel like you are talking to a friend.”

Christine Hill



“It’s tough when you’re starting something new or changing the way you do business or the way you operate your life in general. But Scott has been through this before. He could really help guide me through the process mostly with
accountability. Also, with encouragement and logic – stepping back and asking ‘Why is you are waiting to move forward?’

Executive coaching resulted in me starting a business. Before that I was talking, I was thinking but I wasn’t doing.

With Scott there was never a question of what you were thinking or planning on doing was possible.”

Jason Gilbreath