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– Nancy Pridal, President/CEO, Lamp Rynearson


Goal Setting

Follow a thorough assessment process to regain clarity and redefine your role in a way that will help you achieve your business and personal goals.


  • Evaluate your effectiveness within your current role
  • Identify how you wish to work within the organization
  • Pinpoint what you need to do to improve the business

Role Setting

Consider your role within the leadership team and identify the unique value you bring to the company. Get the right coaching to utilize your talent and help the business successfully scale.

  • Outline the best places to apply your unique talent
  • Identify team members who amplify your strengths
  • Create a role that maximizes your effectiveness


Role Shedding

Based on your clearly defined role, identify the responsibilities that should be outsourced to other people — either within the leadership team or amongst your supporting team members.


  • Redefine or reaffirm your team’s business goals
  • Reassign key responsibilities to the most appropriate people
  • Optimize performance by redefining roles & realigning your team

Repositioning & Messaging

Get tools to create the right language around your business mission.  Create the right messaging to define your team goals and your own new role.


  • Clarify your business mission
  • Ensure that everyone understands your goals
  • Build the messaging strategy that sets out your objective to scale
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Onboarding & Implementation

Now, with a clear mission and clearly defined roles, get a streamlined process that sets up you and your team for true success.


  • Develop easy-to-follow training & work-flows
  • Ensure every process is precise and repeatable
  • Set up your team to win so that your whole company benefits

Brand Positioning & Marketing

With the help of Scott’s deep business insight, develop a game plan to achieve desired outcomes for client relations and business development.


  • Create processes for consistent delivery of qualified customers
  • Develop a highly effective marketing strategy
  • Identify specific tactics to generate more business
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Discovery & Sales

Learn how to refine your sales funnel so you can generate more desirable leads and improve your conversion rates.


  • Get the guidance to properly execute a marketing strategy
  • Learn how to identify and nurture the most important leads
  • Develop tools that empower your sales team to deliver

Nurture Organic Growth

Take a holistic approach to your business’s development and create symbiotic systems within your whole organization.


  • Identify effective ways to nurture in-house talent
  • Explore your options to extend customer engagement
  • Get a clear understanding of your whole operation and grow

Cash Flow & Tactics to Scale

Get down to the nitty-gritty numbers to anchor your plan in measurable results.


  • Explore strategies to streamline your operations
  • Look for solutions to increase revenue
  • Set key financial milestones to get where you want to go



Empower yourself and your team to transform your business


It’s time to increase your job satisfaction and your ROI

“The real-life experience that Scott brings with him from an executive coaching perspective is very valuable…and then you pair that with his psychology background and he’s effective.”

– TJ Twit, CEO/President OMNE Partners

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