The idea of “playing big” is not new. It’s at the core of history’s most beloved innovators and successful entrepreneurs. But just in case you’re not familiar with the concept, I want to give you a simple introduction as I see it applied in the world today.

If the title of this post seems like some scheme to beat the world, or rise to the top of your respective little heap, think again. This process is about one person and one person only: you. It’s about you recognizing your strengths and passions, making a frank assessment about your day to day happiness, and ultimately implementing a plan to achieve the changes that you want to see and feel.

This journey will be about discovering what kinds of activities make you tick. Can you think of any activity in your life that makes the hours go by like minutes?

Now, what if you got paid to do that activity? The idea here is not to get into a situation where things are “easy,” but rather where there is less swimming against the tide.

Here are eight elements that make up our lives. From 1-10, how do you rate your happiness today in these areas?

•    Career

•    Money

•    Health

•    Relationships

•    Love Life

•    Growth

•    Fun

•    Spirituality

Being honest with yourself is the most important part of this process. It’s important to realize that you have pressures in your life that take away your self-focus. Family, work, and bills are all part of life, but these concerns must be placed on the back burner in order to start this process. Your day-to-day well being needs to be at the front and center, which will ultimately improve how you deal with all other concerns.

Which areas did you score lowest? Are there any actions you can take right now to begin improving these areas? Take this opportunity to plant a seed of change inside your head. Let it absorb for a few days. Listen hard to what your mind is telling you, and imagine how that seed will look once it grows.