The article below is by financial crisis blogger, Deborah Price, who is devoted to offering hope and support during these difficult times. Visit her blog, Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus. I really like Deborah’s point of view. In fact, I’ve been following her 30-day fast below and it’s really working.I hope you’ll consider Deborah’s excellent advice as well — just 10 minutes a day! 

Although we are faced with great uncertainty, economic crisis, constant negativity and bad news, we need to become more proactive and resilient in our efforts to stay positive, rather than focused on fear. Fear simply breeds more of the same and does not produce anything positive or life-affirming.

As Michael Pritchard said, “Fear is that little darkroom where negatives develop.”

I am calling for a new diet: A 30-Day Fast from Fear. This program that can help spiritually inoculate you from negativity and despair. Follow these steps everyday for thirty days. It will take less than ten minutes day!

1. Pray Upon Rising

Say this prayer when you rise:
Dear God,
Thank you for this day and for the rich opportunities this day will bring forward. I pray for your love and light to guide me in all my endeavors, that I am safe, that I am protected, that I am free to express my gifts, that I may have work that fulfills me and nourishes my life, personally and financially. I am eternally grateful for all that is and have complete faith and trust that all my needs are met.
And so it is.


2. Wash Your Fears Away

Enjoy this Shower Meditation:
Start the water in your shower and begin to visualize yourself stepping beneath a warm, healing waterfall. As you step into the water (literally) imagine yourself standing in the most beautiful, serene place on earth, immersed in healing waters. Simply stand and allow the water to run over you, and say the words, “I am cleansed of all negativity and fear, I am free, whole and complete.” Repeat this several times before resuming your shower.

3. Affirm Your Positive Intention Daily

Repeat this daily affirmation before you leave your home each day:
I surrender fear and choose to guided by faith in all my actions and choices today.
Find additional inspiring affirmations in Paul and Tracy McManus’s “Affirmations for the Unemployed or Wayne Dyer’s “Motivational Affirmations”


4. Do a Reality Check of Fear

Whenever feelings of fear or negativity arise, ask yourself if there is any real or present danger to your well-being. If not, then know that any fear you may be feeling is simply a projection (like a movie ), because no real danger exists. Remind yourself that as Unity Founder, Charles Fillmore once said, F.E.A.R. means:
– False
– Evidence
– Appearing
– Real
Write this down on a post-it: “F.E.A.R. means False Evidence Appearing Real.” Place it on your computer at work or somewhere highly visible at home as a constant reminder.

5. Practice Gratitude Daily

Choose one thing every day to focus on that you have to be grateful for and keep your attention focused on gratitude for this throughout the day. Today I am grateful for…(fill in the blank).

6. Keep a Fear-Buster Journal

Write out any fearful, fretful, angry or negative thoughts that may have come up during the day into your journal. Get these thoughts outside of your mind, and remove them from your energetic space at the end of each day. Thoughts do matter! Do not house negative or fearful thoughts inside of you. Move them out in healthy ways.

7. Practice Generosity

Challenge yourself to do one generous thing for someone else everyday. Open a door, carry someone’s groceries, offer to baby-sit for a friend, call your mother and tell her how much she has given you, tell your child how much you appreciate who they are and what they bring to your life, take your dog for a walk. Generosity comes in many forms and is always life-affirming.

8. Say This Blessing Every Evening…

Say this blessing every evening before going to sleep :
Dear God,
Please bless this night and guide me to a restful sleep filled with dreams that enlighten and show me the way. May I awaken renewed with abounding faith and a grateful heart, ready to receive and celebrate the gift of a new day, your most gracious present.
And so it is.