For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, finding a work-life balance that feels equitable on both sides is often a great challenge. Below is an email sharing some valuable perspective on this very topic from coaching dynamo Matthew Kimberley. It is reposted here with his permission.

It’s an affliction, this self-employment thing.

I feel guilty when I’m at work (because I’m not at home) and I feel guilty when I’m at home (because I’m not at work).

Something is always being neglected: kids or income.

And so, with self-awareness and a few spoonfuls of guesswork, I try to balance it just right.

Like you do, no doubt.

But “just right” isn’t easy.

Important things rarely are.

So … like with all important things, you improvise furiously and you act grown-up and you muddle through and you never come out on the other side because life is an infinite loop.

An infinite loop without a user guide.

But there is wisdom that comes with experience and clarity that appears when you’re faced with your own mortality.

Two of my friends talk about this today in an interview I’d like you to listen to:

Dov Gordon and Jordan Harbinger on The Last Webinar – The Art of Charm

Mike Seddon died shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. Before he died, he wrote down a list of five questions that will help you keep that balance more stable and the guilt less persistent.

Dov and Jordan discuss it on The Art of Charm Podcast, which I hope you’re subscribed to anyway because it’s baller.

You’ll find the interview useful and it will make you think.

And then you can get back to your daily fripperies and make a ton of cash with a big dirty grin on your face 😉


photo credit: Noctilucent Clouds via photopin (license)