Before we take a few days’ break from work to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with our friends and family, I wanted to take a break from my recent series of blogs on organizational trust and turn my attention to the holiday weekend.

It’s important that, if we want to get the best out of ourselves during the times we are at work, we prepare ourselves and make an effort to get in the right mindset when we are not at work. There’s an important distinction to be drawn here, however, between actually working and doing things that in some way serve our work in a positive way.

What exactly does that mean, in practice? Well, it could mean any number of things, depending on what you need and what your day-to-day experience is like. Maybe it’s spending a couple hours alone with a good book. Maybe it’s going out of your way to connect with a family member who you’ve not gotten very close to.

However you choose to spend your few days away from work, I encourage you to take as much of a break as you possibly can. If you find yourself gravitating towards your phone or tablet to check email or chip away at some task, just step away. There are countless things you can do that will leave you feeling more clear-headed and refreshed when you do return.

Trust me, Monday isn’t far away. So when you return to the office, make sure you’ve done more than simply eat and drink yourself into oblivion. Here’s hoping your weekend is as enjoyable and relaxing as it can be. So, what are you looking forward to about your Thanksgiving weekend? I’d love to hear about it so let me know in the comments below.

photo credit: Thank you Lord for Dessert! via photopin (license)