Success is not a static, defined feeling or location. But regardless of what it means for you, getting out of your comfort zone is an absolutely essential step to getting there. In this blog I want to offer a few thoughts on how to shake off the shackles of routine and reap the rewards of a diversified perspective.

Your comfort zone is a natural state that is created over time. It helps us relax when we aren’t in danger and to be in a state of heightened alertness when the need arises. But breaking out of it in strategic ways can help us expand our limitations and redefine what’s possible.

Diversify your path and take yourself beyond the expectation of perfection. When you limit yourself to simply doing “the things you do,” you fit into a very small box very quickly. I do X for Y company and in my free time I like to do A and B.

Even the feeling of being supremely competent at those few things you do quickly becomes less gratifying than it once was and is simply the case. Acknowledge the fact that you don’t have to be great at everything you do. Deciding to try something new (waterskiing? knitting? cooking? writing?) can give you new confidence and a freshened perspective on the things you will continue to do day in and day out.

Make waves. Your actions will continue to resonate within you as well as having a positive influence on those around you. Having this kind of approach to life will make you more open-minded in all kinds of situations. You may be surprised how often this kind of positive attitude adjustment can rub off on those around you at work and at home.

Eliminate doubt and solidify your purpose. Ultimately, breaking out of your comfort zone is about finding and strengthening your commitment to your true purpose, not simply feasting on a sampler platter of everything life has to offer. Hopefully you will find your commitment to your core values strengthening as well as find your willingness to try new things increasing.

As the world of work continues to evolve, fortune will favor the flexible. Where our parents were set for life performing one skill at one company, our children will need to have a more thorough understanding of the complex systems that constitute the new economy. Breaking free of our comfort zones, both socially and professionally, can help us better prepare to experience success whatever we decide to do.

What experiences have you had that successfully brought you out of your comfort zone? How did it positively affect your experience at home and work? I’d love to hear about it so let me know in the comments below.

photo credit: dscn0173 via photopin (license)