I’ve been getting a lot of questions in casual or social situations lately about what exactly it is I do since I left the advertising business to focus on my executive coaching practice full time. Coaching is a dynamic discipline where each session is tailored to the needs of the individual client. I talk about your career and professional life but not exclusively. I am a licensed therapist but a coaching session is not therapy.

Below are five reasons teams and individuals alike are turning to executive coaching to find fulfillment and play bigger in their lives.


Though I do work with groups of leaders within individual organizations, one of the great benefits of executive coaching is the capacity for individualization. Two people with similar jobs in the same industry may have wildly different sets of problems. I look at my clients as individual people with actual problems. Even when two people have a problem in common, the path to a solution may not lead to the same place.

Whole Person Approach

Coaching for me requires that you deal with the whole person. I don’t help you with “work problems” or “problems at home.” We address your life as a whole and identify the areas within it where you would like to see and feel improvement. This is out of the firm belief that the idea of “work-life balance” is a myth. If we love what we do at work, we’re happier when we get home. If we’re happy at home, we feel good when we go to sleep. And so on.

Real World Experience

I like reading a lot, but the majority of the knowledge that I’ll share with you comes from real world experience. I have started businesses that have succeeded and failed. I have been married for 21 years, have 4 kids, and have had a multitude of emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences along the way. Sharing these experiences with you in an effort to help you better navigate your own journey is my passion.


Goal-setting is a crucial part of the coaching process. We set big tangible goals and plot a path to see them achieved. Most of us don’t have problems setting goals on our own. There are lots of things we’d like to do, but it isn’t always easy to hold yourself to them. A coach is someone you are accountable to on a regular basis. If you don’t take the steps you say you will, there are agreed-upon consequences to pay.

Organizational Clarity

Coaching can be a great thing for your organization, as well. Teams who take on an executive coach for their leadership can see leaps in the personal growth of their employees that in turn benefit company culture as a whole. I focus on each person’s strengths and areas of opportunity to harness untapped potential and accentuate areas where they are already finding success. Coaching can help clarify organizational roles as well as develop succession plans for your business going forward.


Are you considering executive coaching as part of your organization or personal life? Watch these testimonial videos from some of my clients to get a better idea of how I operate: https://doubledareyou.us/testimonials/ and connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter @DoubledareCoach.

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