Jill Slupe on the Customized Customer Experience

Not long ago I was in San Francisco with my son, and we walked past a store that had no branding or signage on it at all. We knew instantly what it was. Anybody who has ever been in an Apple store would have recognized it, too, by its layout and by the way the […] See More

July 17, 2017

Free Sales Tips From a Guy Who Knows

Matthew Kimberley is my coach. I don’t know of anyone who is more expert when it comes to sales and marketing. While I hate to use the over worn term ‘guru,’ if there is anyone who should be called a Sales Guru, it’s Matthew Kimberley. Recently, I interviewed Matthew for my Doubledare Braintrust coaching webinar.  Because many of […] See More

June 26, 2017


Last week I wrote a blog introducing the concept of Workforce 7.0 in anticipation of my SalesTalk this Thursday evening at Verde Martin in Omaha. In that blog, I laid out the previous iterations of the American workforce and the major events that coincided with the shifting dynamics away from a place where the employer […] See More

October 14, 2015


On October 15, 2015 I will give a talk for the October edition of Verde Martin’s SalesTalk. The talk is called “Leading in Workforce 7.0” and it draws on my recent research and thoughts on the future of work. If you’d like to attend, you can register for free here by using the promo code […] See More

October 9, 2015