What’s Trust Got to do With It?

An article in the January-February issue of the Harvard Business Review covered one of my favorite topics: Trust in the workplace. In “The Neuroscience of Trust,” Paul J. Zak addresses new research which shows the highest trust workplaces are also the highest performing. This isn’t just a theory—it’s well established, with lots of research to confirm […] See More

May 15, 2017

1-on-1’s are Great, Unless They’re Bad

More and more businesses–and their employees–are recognizing the value of regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings, whether we call them coaching or mentoring. This is exactly the opposite of those dreaded, unproductive, obligatory, wheel-spinning meetings that gobble up potentially productive time and leave so many people frustrated and resentful. Done right, one-on-one meetings are beneficial on both […] See More

December 1, 2016


Great leaders tend to listen more than they speak. They also tend to ask questions more often than they pontificate about the right or wrong way to do things. They have discovered that rather than telling people how things should be done, it tends to stick much better in the person’s brain if they find […] See More

February 17, 2016


Engagement metrics are not simply statistics for statistics’ sake. They have been shown to be directly linked to performance and profitability. For that reason, many leaders may be disturbed to know that engagement rates among employees have remained stagnant since Gallup’s 2013 wake-up call of a report on record low engagement. Despite the fact that […] See More

January 6, 2016