Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants (on Fire) Down

This post covers the fourth of six leadership mistakes and how to fix them. In the past few weeks, we’ve covered excuse-making, bad manners, and ego problems; now it’s time to talk about lying. When people are found out as liars, the word spreads like wildfire. This can literally destroy your career. All you have […] See More

April 12, 2017

Amy Zier and Her Bicontinental Business

A version of this post originally appeared in Omaha Magazine’s Fall, 2016, Women in Business issue. As my regular readers know, I successfully completed a work-from-abroad experiment this last summer. It was by far the most satisfying “put your money where your mouth is” adventure I’ve had in a long time. Recently  I interviewed my friend […] See More

December 21, 2016

Are You Agile Enough to Survive Uncertainty?

The basic fault lines today are not between people with different beliefs but between people who hold these beliefs with an element of uncertainty and people who hold these beliefs with a pretense of certitude. Peter L. Berger It would be disingenuous to say that the dust has settled since the election, and I don’t […] See More

November 25, 2016

Seeking the Big Prize: True Focus

An old friend used to say, “You get on base, then you get off base, then you get on base, then you get off base.” This can apply to so many things besides baseball: Professional growth, personal relationships, physical or mental health—pretty much anywhere you might be seeking equilibrium. Nobody is perfect, and progress often […] See More

October 19, 2016

More on the Perils of Work/Life Imbalance

A while back I wrote about the fallacy that overwork meant better work. More and more, people in the business world are beginning to recognize that working 60 and 70 and 80 hours a week is not a virtue. Rather, it reveals certain weaknesses in the worker. While there can be some short-term benefits to […] See More

October 5, 2016

Networking: Is Authenticity the Best Strategy?

There’s an interesting article over at the Harvard Business Review, “When Networking, Being Yourself Really Does Work.” It covers a wide array of networking opportunities, from a job fair to LinkedIn. “Across all these situations, one thing is likely to be the same: You probably feel anxious and uncertain about how best to add these people to […] See More

September 29, 2016

The 2016 Misery Olympics

I love the term “Misery Olympics” and wish I’d thought of it first. Google it and you’ll get about 549,000 results, but who has time to get to the bottom of that rabbit hole? We all watched the Olympics in Brazil last month, but the Misery Olympics never end—they go year-round, and they’re everywhere. Basically, […] See More

September 14, 2016

Riches in Niches, Redux: Undivided

Back in June, I promised an interview with Dave Nelson, founder of SecretPenguin and Undivided. He’s extremely busy, so I’m grateful he could take the time to validate what I’ve been going on about all summer. For nine years, SecretPenguin has been a successful brand creation and management agency. They started out doing work for […] See More

September 8, 2016

I Love a Good Rising From the Ashes Story

Coach Ben Ryan is this ultra-gingery London guy: red hair, red face, red beard. He’d been the coach of Great Britain’s sevens rugby team, but they fired him about four years ago. It was humiliating to get dumped. In a kind of self-exile, Ben took a job in Fiji (sort of like Napoleon moving to […] See More

August 31, 2016

Why You Should Never Stop Tweaking (Your Niche)

When it comes to business advice, I can never get enough of the Oracle of Omaha. That’s right, it’s time for another Buffett-based blog. This fits in nicely with what I’ve been talking about all summer and is really a continuation of the niche (and niches) theme. We’ve been spending a lot of time lately discussing […] See More

August 24, 2016